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About our Brand

Hey there. We are Heart♥dictions, can’t pronounce? Think “addictions“!!! Let’s be friends. We can do everything you like with you. Like staying up late helping you plan, do you like movies, books, looking badass, jotting your ideas down, eating your favourite ice cream or chocolate, we do too!

Now that you know that, let us tell you a tiny bit about us.
We are a conscious and intentional lifestyle brand specializing in stationery, accessories, gift and fashion items all of which are created and curated mostly by a pretty awesome girl in Lagos, Nigeria. We love bright colours, quirky styles, exclamation marks!!! Prints and patterns and playing with words. We also love hearts, could you tell? We love inspiring and motivating and cheering you on, with our cards we love to make you laugh, just the same way Heart♥frock loves to keep you stylish, just like your real friends do. We are forever sipping red wine while finishing whatever box of chocolate we steal from our other cool friends.
We are inspired by wine, happiness, success, dancing and researching, don’t be deceived we also love to have fun, we are serious about love.

We are what you get when you mix
We are made up of 4 parts (for now)




Meet our Creator & Curator

Hello there. I’m Dee, well at least that’s what most of my internet friends call me!
I’m a pretty awesome girl from Lagos, Nigeria.

I am a strong willed, focused feminist go-getter who keeps managing to exceed her own expectations and goals every other day.

I love chocolate, shoes, accessories and movies.

I started Heart♥dictions a while back as a vintage store, selling handpicked and curated vintage pieces, then i expanded to accessories and eventually stationeries and recently ready-to-wear fashion.

You can tell my interests by the things I sell, create or curate.
I love Beyoncé, fashion, film, food, writing, dancing, having fun and using the expression lol which I mostly refer to as loolz.

When I’m not scribbling ideas for Heart♥dictions, sketching for Heart♥frock, blogging at Deemako.com, watching a movie or screaming at an artisan at the press..loolz, I work an 8 to 5!

Lastly, I’m constantly living this life so that one day I can afford to travel as much as I would like to, dance in the rain, twirl in beautiful dresses, walk in gorgeous shoes, inspire other females, write a good book and be undoubtedly happy that I surpassed all I can and could be.
Hope I inspire you.
By buying something from us, you make the whole team’s dreams come true.

Welcome to the HEART♥DICTIONS HQ